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Additional Sources of Funding and Discounts

Access to Learning Fund (ALF)

Universities and colleges receive extra funding from the government to target additional support to students on low income who may need extra financial support for their course and to stay in higher education. Lump sum payments are usually given as grants and do not have to be repaid.

Council Tax Student Certificates

If you or your parents are liable for Council Tax payments, you can apply for a Council Tax Student certificate. As a full-time student you are ‘invisible’ for Council Tax purposes, and may receive a discount or an exemption on your bill.

NHS Low Income Certificates

If you are a student aged 19 or over and receive NHS treatment you may have to pay a charge (health cost), for example a prescription charge. If you are liable for health costs you might be able to get some help under the NHS Low Income Scheme. Many students who apply for help under this scheme are entitled to full support. Even those students who don’t get things free might still get some help towards costs.  The amount of help you are entitled to depends on your circumstance at the time you make the claim.

You need to complete form HC1, and are asked to produce copies of student loan notifications, grant/bursary awards and pay slips.