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Childcare Funding 2016-17

College childcare is provided by the following childcare funds:

  1. Discretionary Learner Support (DLS)

Discretionary Learning Support (DLS) funding is for adult students aged 20+ who are financially eligible and are on a Learner Support Funded (LSF) course. To be financially eligible, students must be in receipt of a means tested benefit or on Working Tax Credit with a household income of less than £25,000.

  1. Advanced Learning Loan

The advanced learning loan is for students who are aged 19+ and are loan eligible. The same financial eligibility criteria for DLS also applies to the advanced learning loan.

The City of Liverpool College 20+ Childcare Application Form 2016-17 must be completed to apply for the above childcare funds.

  1. Care to Learn Funding

If you are aged 19 years or under at the start of your course, you will be eligible for Care to Learn funding.  Care to Learn will pay up to £160 per child, per week, for childcare and travel costs to and from the childcare setting.  Further information and the online application is available at in care to learn in the search box or ring the Care to Learn helpline: 0800 121 8989.

Students have the choice of childcare setting. This can either be in a college nursery or in an external childcare setting, e.g. Children’s Centre, Out of School Club. The childcare provider must be registered on the Early Years Register.

Students should apply for childcare support as soon as they can, e.g. spring/summer term prior to course starting in September. If you decide not to start a college course, your childcare application can be withdrawn.

Students are normally provided with a maximum of two years childcare support. This guideline provides equal access for all applicants. If a student has had two years support, their third year application will be considered on an individual basis and their third year course must relate to the previous courses undertaken.

Student Payment

Students are required to pay £1 per session, per child towards their childcare fees.

Parents are required to use their free entitlement of childcare funding – e.g. 2, 3 & 4 yr Nursery Education Funding towards their childcare fees.  The student can then apply to The City of Liverpool College for the balance of their childcare fees.

The maximum entitlement of childcare per child, is £160 per week.  If weekly childcare costs exceed this amount, the parent will be required to pay the balance.

If you think you may be entitled to childcare support or would like a childcare application form,  please contact the Nurseries/Childcare Manager, Karen Costain, on 0151 252 3673 or email Karen at:

The City of Liverpool College 20+ Childcare Application Forms can be obtained from Advice and Guidance at the Learning Exchange (Roscoe Street).