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Student Conduct Policy

You are expected to keep to the code of conduct and policies and procedures outlined below.

There may also be standards related to your course or to the kind of support you are receiving which you will need to maintain. These are set out clearly in your Course Guide, in your Learning Support Agreement or in other written instructions from college staff, such as those to do with work placement or college visits. If you do not keep to the agreements you have made by enrolling at the college, disciplinary action may be taken.

In the early stages of the procedure, subject staff and your Personal Tutor will inform you of the areas you must improve on (e.g. class room behaviour, attendance, punctuality etc.) and set targets for you with a review date. At this point any support or advice you require in meeting your targets will be made available to you.  By doing this we hope that the latter stages of the procedures will rarely have to be used.

In brief, the stages are:

Stage 1 – To be issued by your subject or Personal Tutor

Stage 2 – To be issued by your subject or Personal Tutor

Stage 3 – To be issued by your Senior Tutor

Stage 4 – To be issued by your Senior Tutor or Head of School

Stage 5 – Dismissal or suspension to be decided by your Assistant Principal


You can download a copy of the full Student Conduct Policy.

There is a separate policy and procedure for students under 16 years on 31st August in the year of application to college.