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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if…

I miss an examination?

You must check dates, times and venues for your examinations. It is not acceptable to claim that you forgot either the day or the time of your examination. If you did miss your exam you must contact either your tutor or a member of the Examinations Department as soon as possible.

I am unwell?

The Examinations Department must be notified as far in advance as possible. If you are forced to miss any paper because of illness it may be possible to help you deal with this situation; you will need to provide supporting evidence within 7 days.

I am late?

We cannot delay the start of an examination because you may have missed the train/ bus. In exceptional circumstances you may be allowed to start after the national start time, but this would be at the discretion of the college. The awarding body may still refuse to mark your paper if they feel that there is a possibility of security having been breached.

I have two examinations at the same time?

You must check the timetable for all your examinations. A clash must be reported to the examinations officer immediately NOT FIVE MINUTES BEFORE THE START OF THE EXAM. You will need to complete an examinations clash form from the centre office.

I am ill during the examination?

You must let the invigilator know immediately. They will assist or escort you from the examination room if necessary. They will inform the examinations officer who will take the appropriate action.

How long does the College hold on to certificates?

Unfortunately the college are unable to keep certificates for more than 12 months from the date issued. If your course at the college finished before December 2012, you will need to contact the exam board directly and purchase a replacement certificate. There will be a charge for this service and certificates can take 4-6 weeks to arrive with you.

Does the college allow external candidates to sit exams at the college?

The college is unable to accept external candidates for exams. If you know your exam board, you are advised to contact them and request a list of schools and colleges that offer your exam as an external candidate.

I am waiting for results/certificates from my course, how do I get them?

Once the College receives your certificate/results we will post them out to the home address we have recorded in our records. It is your responsibility to ensure the college has your up to date address details.

Please note: we are unable to confirm results by telephone.

My university/college would like confirmation of my results, how do I get them?

Universities usually start requesting confirmation of results around the start of July; however at this time, many results are still being processed at the exam board.  Unfortunately, the college is unable to confirm results until it has received confirmed evidence from the board. Exams boards aim to dispatch UCAS and level 3 programme certificates in time for A-level results day (usually third week of August) and the college will dispatch them as quickly as possible.

If you have provisional results from your tutor you can provide a copy of the results to your university, but you must make it clear that they are provisional results only.

Please note: we are unable to confirm results by telephone.

I’m not certain of my exam time, how can I find this out?

If you are sitting a public exam e.g. GCSE/AS/A-level you will receive a statement of entry in the post, please ensure the college has your up to date address details.

If you are sitting other exams such as Functional Skills or On-line tests please speak with your tutor.

I have an exam and I have dyslexia/ medical issue/visual/physical/hearing difficulty and may require exams support, what do I do?

You will firstly need to complete a request for an access arrangement form with your tutor, you may also be required to attend an in college assessment and/or provide medical evidence.

After reviewing the request and the evidence supplied, the college will decide if support is needed for your studies and in your exams.  The college must comply with the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) regulations which means that for student to have an access arrangement put in place it must be your ‘usual way of working’ i.e. that support is required for all of your studies – not just for the exam or assessment parts of your course.