My College @ The City of Liverpool College

Enrichment Policy

Strategic objectives

Enrichment at City of Liverpool College will:

  • Ensure every student has the opportunity to engage in high quality enrichment activities
  • Be student led; informed by the curriculum; and inclusive
  • Be focused on providing activities that are engaging and support students’ core aims
  • Provide curriculum led enrichment activities that will enhance students’ subject knowledge and/or vocational skills
  • Provide certificated opportunities for students contributing to their local communities
  • Raise aspirations and foster personal development towards increased employability and progression

Strategic Plan


  • The Student Engagement Team will commit to deliver 20 hours/week minimum contact time per staff member plus sports provision and activities delivered by specialist facilitators
  • The Student Engagement Team will provide a calendar of activities and engagement at least one term ahead, publicised and promoted using a variety of methods: online, face to face, and through the curriculum and representation systems
  • The Student Engagement Team will support the Strategic Objectives by focusing on key strands:
  • Social
    Organisation of a Welcome Fayre, engagement activities and general staffing of student social spaces; support to make friends, settle in, and stay engaged in college; a programme of social activities clubs/societies linked to the Student Union
  • Sports
    Coordinated by the Sports Maker, providing a range of team and individual, competitive and non-competitive, indoor and outdoor sports, including targeted and accessible opportunities; e.g. girl’s football and disability sports.
    The Engagement Team will provide on–off sporting activities and tasters
  • Enterprise
    The Student Engagement Team will facilitate an Enterprise Club and Hub, providing an incubation hub/hot desk availability for entrepreneurial students. They will advise students of mentoring, business planning and funding opportunities available.
  • Volunteering:
    One off, long term and micro-volunteering opportunities
    Community needs led, linked with local charities; e.g. Roy Castle, environmental charities
    The Student Engagement Team will recruit a Student Ambassador team and e-mentors for staff and community groups
    Partnership with Volunteering Liverpool (website)
    Fundraising and events linked to the Student Union

Curriculum Engagement and Employability

  • The Student Engagement Team will coordinate a range of volunteering activities for three Student Involvement Days per academic year
  • The Senior Tutors will work with their curriculum pillars and assigned members of the Student Engagement Team in order to support and advise with vocationally relevant enrichment
  • The Student Engagement Team will respond to targeted referrals from staff in order to increase and enhance student engagement, offering personalised opportunities in response to individual needs
  • The Student Journey of self-directed enrichment will be mapped using a ‘Participation Passport’ which will act as a record of enrichment activities

Measuring Impact and Outcomes

  • Focus on adding value to the college experience while linking with core measures of impact: retention and achievement, progression
  • Develop further measures of impact through research; e.g. Young Foundation and Outcomes Star (
  • 100% off students 16-18 offered opportunities to engage in relevant activities
  • 90% Student Satisfaction for all workshops, trips and activities evaluated with online questionnaires. Specific evaluation of events and activities led by Senior Tutors.
  • Every student 16-18 engages in at least two vocationally relevant enrichment activities per year