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Student Print Charging

Printing in the college is controlled to reduce waste and promote the environment. We set a very low charge rate for each page printed to keep costs low whilst encouraging students to think carefully before they print their work.

This guide will help you understand how you should print your work and what you have to do to increase your print balance.

For further information ask your tutor or a member of LRC staff.

1. What are the print charges?

For each printed page we charge 1p for monochrome and 5p for full colour.

At the beginning of your course you will have been charged £1 for the first 100 prints plus 50 free prints, IT students receive 200 Prints plus 50 free prints

Note that the actual cost of printing a page in the college is 3.4p

2. How do I print?

Print in the normal way by clicking the print icon in the program you are using.

Once you have sent your jobs to the printer your account will be deducted by the number of pages printed.

3. What happens if I run out of print credits?

During a lesson if your print credit runs out you will be able to print until you next log off. This is to prevent any disturbance to your studies. Any pages printed over your print credit level will be deducted off your balance when you next buy print credits, for example if you printed 5 pages over your credit and you purchase 100 credits (£1) your actual balance will be 95 print credits.

If you have a 0 print credit when you log on at the start of a lesson you will not be able to print so make sure you purchase credits before your lesson

4. How can I check how many print credits I have available?

You can see your print credit balance when you log on to your homepage of the student Intranet. It is displayed immediately under your attendance level on the right hand side of the screen.

When your print credit is less than 10 pages a message box will appear on your screen to warn you, you should buy further print credits as soon as possible.

5. How do I buy more print credits?

You can buy print credits from the centre office. Print credits are bought in multiples of £1, you cannot buy credits individually or in multiples other than £1.

Buy only enough print credits for your current course, we cannot refund or transfer any credits

6. What happens if my printout is damaged (e.g. Toner low) or the printer is out of order or out of paper?

Let your tutor know straight away.

Fill out the Failed Print Job form on the Student Intranet giving all the details required and submit the from IT Services will investigate the error and refund your print credits. Your tutor will be contacted to confirm the error.

Please note that all errors are logged fully by our print systems and we can compare the information with your submitted claim. Any false claims will be dealt with through the student disciplinary processes so only ask for a refund when a genuine error has occurred.

7. How can I get the most from my print credit?

Make sure you use print preview before sending your print job to the queue, the last page may have just have 1 or 2 lines of text on it, but if you print it you will be charged for the full page. You can then try and adjust the margins of your document or the size of the font to try and fit all of the text onto as fewer sheets as possible.

If you do not want the whole document printed out use the options in the “File > Print” dialogue box to specify the pages that you want to print. Alternatively, you can try scaling the number of pages of your document to fit onto one sheet. For example you could fit 2 pages of A4 onto one page.

Try adjusting the margins of your page so that more text will fit on one page. You can do this under “File > Page Setup” under most applications.

If possible use a smaller font, you will use few pages for the same amount of text.

Do not print your document until you are completely happy with it, printing ‘draft’ copies will use print credits.

Avoid printing multiple copies of one document, you may find that it is cheaper to have your document photocopied.

Additional Information

Refer to the college student Acceptable Use Policy for information on what you can print and the rules that control student printing in the college.

Finally, please try to consider the environment when printing, avoid printing your document unless it is completely necessary.