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You Said, We Did

You said, We Did

Your opinions, views and needs are extremely important to us at The City of Liverpool College.

Here are just some of the big cross-college things we’ve done in response to your feedback:


You Said:          There wasn’t enough to do outside the classroom

We Did:              Created an independent Students’ Union so you, the students, decide what you do and when you do it!

We Did:              Increased the SU budget for cross college activities by over 70%


You Said:          You wanted more of a say when the college recruited tutors.

We Did:              Regularly invited students onto interview panels.

We Did:              Asked for your feedback on new tutors from micro-teaching sessions.


You Said:          The College website needed improving.

We Did:              Designed and introduced a new website listening carefully to what you wanted.


You Said, We Did (teaching and learning):


You Said:          You wanted more challenging briefs.

We Did:             Introduced more extension tasks, more challenging tasks and homework to courses.


You Said:          You wanted assignments to be covered one at a time i.e. blocks of study rather than alternative briefs and coverage.

We did:              Assignments were planned and delivered to concentrate on one brief at a time, subject to timetabling.


You Said:          You wanted weekly feedback against the grading criteria.

We Did:             Put trackers in place so students can self-assess during the session.  The tutor then gives feedback on how the student can work to higher level criteria.

We Did:             Checklists are included on the VLE for students to track their own completion of work for each project.


You Said:          You wanted more visits and to participate in more external events.

We Did:             Assignment briefs were changed to include more external events and visits.


You Said:          There are too many written reports.

We Did:             Reduced the amount of written reports as assessments and incorporated videoed professional discussions and other methods of assessment.



Your feedback on your course experience  is really valuable. Talk regularly to your Student Rep, School Rep and the Students’ Union about what you’d like to improve.

Here is one example of how feedback was used in Music & Performing Arts to improve the student experience:

YSWD - Music & Performing Arts.docx

…and another from City 6:


Don’t forget, your ideas really can help us improve your experiences here at college.

Talk to your tutors and Student Reps about what you need, what you like and what you don’t like about your course.


Look out for ‘You Said, We Did’ posters to see what’s happening in your areas.