My College @ The City of Liverpool College

School Reps


Your elected School Reps are:

 School Head of School School Rep
Social Sciences, Business, ICT and Humanities Sonia Johnson Louise Simpson
Fashion, Art and Design Jan Schofield Sebastian Urbanski
ICT, Computer Sciences and Digital Jackie Manning Callum Sumner
Music and Performing Arts Pete McDevitt Shane Bear
Health and Social Care Jason Waldron Lucy Rylands

Nominations for the following vacancies are open for Student Reps only.

School Rep Vacancies:

Business, Professional and Enterprise
English, Modern Foreign Languages and Arts
Engineering and Logistics
Foundation English and Maths/ESOL
Hair and Beauty
Hospitality, Sport and Travel
Higher Education
Mathematics and Sciences
Media, Journalism and Production
Sustainable Construction and Building Services

Email your manifesto (a short statement about why you’d make a great School Rep, perhaps 3 or 4 bullet points) to Read more about the role below:

If you are a Student Rep and want to get an idea or an issue listened to about your course, then the person to pass it on to is your School Rep.  They represent the ideas and opinions of all Student Reps in the area of College they study in.  For example, if you study on an acting course and you are the Student Rep, if a student on your course has something to say that you think affects lots of classes, you would contact the School Rep for Music and Performing Arts.

School Reps meet regularly with their Head of School – this is the College manager in charge of that curriculum area – and will present your views directly to them.  School Reps will feed back any answers and actions taken to the Student Reps in their area of the College.

If you’re not sure which School your course fits into just ask your tutor, your Student Rep or contact the Student Engagement Team through this section of My College! Or click the image below to see how different areas of the College are organised.

Structure 25-11-14
So… meet your School Reps, they check their emails regularly so you can be sure your voice is being heard!