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If your idea is better than Google… If you’d like help to sell your stuff online… If you’d like to have a go at working for yourself, then The Enterprise Club can help.

Build Your Skills: Throughout the year we will be running events and workshops that will help you develop and build on your skills. You will get help and advice from industry experts; you can have hands-on experience and learn from the best local talent; you can come along to our workshops with filmmakers, bloggers, musicians and lots more. We will give you step-by-step support to help you turn your skills into an enterprise.

Money Matters: Your idea might be better than Google but without the money to get started, it’s going nowhere fast. That’s where Money Matters comes in. From small start-up funds to Business Bootcamp, we have the money to help you make something of your idea.

Resources: Starting up on your own is hard, no one is denying that. It’s always easier if you know someone else that has been through it all before, and been successful. We’ll be showcasing one minute videos from some of the city’s famous entrepreneurs and advice from our students who have already ‘been there and done that’ to tell you about the ups and downs of their enterprise journey so far.

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