Industry Placements FAQ

    Industry Placements FAQ

    I haven’t had good experience with work experience in the past – why would industry placements be any different?

    Traditional work experience usually involves students working for just one or two weeks, often placed in a role or business that’s not very relevant to their studies and interest. The new industry placements will last a minimum of 45 days, and you’ll be placed within businesses relevant to your course, meaning you’ll develop the skills you really need.

    Will I be making the tea and photocopying?

    No! Industry placements are a big step above work experience. You’ll work on projects that help you gain the experience you need to start your career.

    But won’t this take me away from my studies?

    No — the industry placement is designed to be an integral part of your course. Your studies will prepare you for the placement, and the placement will add real value to your course. Our senior managers, curriculum leads and tutors will work closely with each other to ensure this is the case.

    How can I be sure I will receive a good placement?

    We will match you with a business that is directly relevant to your course. We’ll ensure that the employer has relevant work for you, and provides a good standard of line management so you can receive the coaching and support needed to learn. You’ll also be able to tell us your preferences for the employers you’d most like to work with. This will be done in good time before the industry placement.

    What about my part-time job?

    We’ll give you plenty of notice of your start date, to allow you to change shifts if needed. Also, if your job is related to your course, we can work with you to see whether it would be appropriate to consider as your placement.

    What checks will be done to make sure this is safe?

    The education provider will run due diligence on all employers for health and safety, insurance and safeguarding purposes.

    What do I need to do?

    • You must attend the placement.
    • You will be accountable to a line manager at your workplace, who will expect you to meet professional standards in things like punctuality, communication and teamwork.
    • You must adhere to all health and safety rules at the business.
    • You’ll need to complete a log book during the placement, reflecting on your learning and development.
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