Student Voice

The College responds positively, creatively and quickly to students’ views and opinions.  We feedback decisions, actions and progress to you in order to make the College experience better and more enriching for all students.

Student Reps and School Reps

It is the Student Reps job to make sure they represent the students in their class and that their voice is being heard.

Student Reps interested in taking their role further have an opportunity to be elected as a School Rep and sit on the Student Parliament, representing their School and contributing to decisions on how the Union spends its budget.

Student Governors

Two student Governors sit on the College Board (one is the President of the Union) with vacancies advertised as they come up.

Your current Student Governor is SU President, Juliana Mohamad Noor plus there is one current vacancy for a second Student Governor.

Approximate time commitments:

  • 1 board meeting per month
  • 2 strategy days per year
  • Occasional one-off events
  • Time to read board papers in advance of meetings

The role is fully supported by the Clerk to the Board of Governors.

Who can I contact about Student Voice?

Student Engagement TeamLearning Exchange0151 252 4880
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