Attendance and Punctuality

    Attendance and Punctuality

    All students must recognise that good attendance and punctuality will maximise achievement and enhance not only their learning experience but also develop their employability skills. Students who arrive late disrupt their own learning and that of others. High expectations of attendance and punctuality will be required by future employers and therefore we need our staff to set and enforce high expectations for attendance and punctuality. We strive to achieve a minimum attendance rate of 90%.

    There are 6 main principles on which this policy is based and which underpin the College’s approach to student attendance and punctuality:

    1. All classes start and end on time
    2. Learning is not disrupted by absent staff
    3. Student attendance and punctuality is managed consistently across the whole college
    4. Punctuality and full attendance should be a benchmark by which the quality of provision is measured
    5. A positive and proactive approach should be made to maximise student attendance and punctuality
    6. Celebrate good attendance and punctuality at every opportunity
    7. Attendance and Punctuality Procedures.


    • Ensure they attend all sessions on their course and arrive before the start of the sessions properly equipped and prepared.
    • Must contact the college by 9.00am on their first day of absence, explaining their absence and indicating its duration.
    • Must make medical and other appointments, including driving lessons in their own time (unless there is a medical emergency).
    • Must not take on work commitments that clash with time at college.
    • If late, enter the class quietly with minimum disruption and explain their lateness to the tutor at an appropriate point in the session.
    • Must understand that persistent, non-justified lateness and/or absence will lead to further action.
    • Are encouraged to have a “study buddy”, who will collect any hand-outs and pass on homework and messages. Students should let the tutor know who their study buddy is.
    • Commit to completing outstanding work as a result of lateness and/or absence, with support as appropriate.
    • Should use the VLE to access appropriate materials.
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