LGBT Support

We have a dedicated student union officer for LGBTQ+ students, and a group which meets twice a week at the LEX. The group is open to students of all genders and sexual orientations and meets as a campaigning group and as a social and support group.

I am trans, what support is there for me at college?

Welcome to the college! Our Students’ Union has a twice weekly LGBTQ+ group who meet on Mondays and Wednesdays.

There is also a dedicated Achievement Coach who works with trans students to make sure that your time at college goes smoothly. She can give information on external agencies, support with administration such as changing the name and picture on your college badge, and general support and coaching to ensure that you enjoy your time at college.

Who can I contact about LGBT Support?

Kirsty WalkerArts Centre / 2.240151 252 3026
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