Health & Safety

    Health & Safety

    If you break either of these rules you will be reported to the police and disciplinary action will be taken against you. Health, Safety and Welfare

    The Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 is the main law that applies to colleges and lays upon all a clear obligation to take all reasonable, practicable precautions for the health and safety of ourselves and others.

    • You have a personal responsibility for the health, safety and welfare of others whilst on college premises, on college work placements or visits.
    • You will be instructed in safe practices and procedures during induction.
    • You should respect college property and the property of others.  This includes software or data belonging to or used by the college, its staff or students.
    • You should keep to Health and Safety regulations in classrooms, workshops and whilst on college premises in general.
    • You must not misuse, damage or interfere with devices and equipment provided for the health, safety and welfare of people at college.
    • You must report dangerous incidents or hazards to a member of staff. This includes gas or water leaks, other emergency faults and breakdowns in services.
    • You must use protective clothing and equipment where this is appropriate; otherwise a member of staff may exclude you from the activity.
    • You must familiarise yourself with the college fire procedures and evacuate any building as described at each college centre.
    • You must not take food and drink into classrooms (except water).
    •  You must wear your ID/entry badge to keep us all safe.
    • You must give priority in lifts to people with disabilities.

    In case of fire

    The evacuation routes for each building are posted throughout the centre. Your tutor will show you the way to the fire exits. You need to be familiar with the fire exits and the assembly points outside the building.

    During a fire evacuation, everyone should leave the building by the appropriate route. You should gather at the assembly point.  Do not re-enter the building until the evacuation co-ordinator gives clearance. Fire drills will be held each term.

    Safety of children

    In order for the college to comply with Health and Safety Regulations, children should only be allowed into the nursery and refectory areas of the college. Children outside the nursery area should be supervised at all times. Workshops and laboratories are potentially dangerous places and children are not permitted entry under any circumstances.

    Personal Property

    The college does not carry insurance cover for students’ personal property and cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage to students’ vehicles or property whilst on college premises.  Please bear this in mind and take extra care with your belongings.

    Guide dog information

    Please do not feed or stroke guide dogs while they are working.  This can interfere with their work; and some are on special diets. Please do not throw food on to the floor. This encourages guide dogs to scavenge and prevents them from concentrating on their job. Guide dogs are highly trained to act as the eyes of people who are visually impaired so please do not distract them.


    Smoking, including electronic cigarettes, is not allowed in college buildings or in designated no smoking zones at entrances to college buildings.  These zones will usually extend for at least five metres from entrances and exits.


    You must not consume alcohol on college premises unless as part of a social event organised with official consent.

    Dangerous weapons

    You must not bring any dangerous weapons, including knives or replicas, onto college premises.

    Drugs or substance abuse

    You must not use drugs which have not been prescribed for you or abuse prescribed drugs or substances whilst on college premises.

    You must not bring illegal substances onto college premises or encourage other people to use them.

    Behaviour outside college buildings

    You must not behave in a way which is likely to damage the reputation of the college in the area around college buildings. CCTV operates both inside and outside college property.

    Educational visits/Work placements

    A number of students enjoy these as part of their course. Some visits are residential and may be in another country. You are expected to behave appropriately and will have this outlined before your visit or placement by the staff concerned.

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