Employability and Enterprise Policy

    Employability and Enterprise Policy


    This policy sets out what The City of Liverpool College offers students to support access to work experience and work related activity, in order to build on employability and enterprise skills, and ensure students have a competitive advantage in the local labour market.

    The College will ensure that students receive advice and guidance and gain the relevant skills to ensure successful progression into employment or to enhance students’ skills to improve long-term career prospects. This includes work related activity for all students on study programmes and/or where it has been identified as beneficial for the student to undertake work experience to enhance their learning and employability.

    The City of Liverpool College will:

    1. Support students through an advisory service enabling them to make considered career decisions, to identify the skills needed for progression into employment, enhance existing employment prospects and to help manage lifelong career decisions. All students will have a clear, regularly reviewed Individual Learning Plan (ILP) addressing their individual needs;

    2. Provide responsive and up-to-date programmes which meet employers’ demands and will improve students’ employability and career progression prospects. All College vocational programmes have modules which are closely linked to current practice in the workplaces and which meet industry requirements;

    3. Ensure that each student on a study programme undertakes appropriate work related activity to build on their employability skills;

    4. Provide assistance in finding work placements so that students are able to apply work related skills in the workplace and connect with industry.  The College will use its direct links with employers to achieve this through a dedicated team of Work Experience Officers who work side by side with Business Account Managers to generate work experience, internships and apprenticeship vacancies;

    5. Have a timetabled programme of Employability training which students can be referred/self-referred onto;

    6. Run a discreet programme of Employability Programmes for adults, sectorally focussed and including higher level ability employability, when appropriate;

    7. Provide a programme of enterprise activity for students to take part in, including Waves – the enterprise club, student market place, start-up familiarisation events and access to visiting professional advisors;

    8. Offer opportunities within the College’s Learning Companies to build entrepreneurship and employability skills;

    9. Ensure that employers play a key part in course design and are actively involved in the delivery of short sessions to engage and benefit students;

    10. Provide students with information on the local and national labour markets, enabling students to make informed choices and applications;

    11. Provide opportunities for students and employers to interact through external events and tutorial programmes. The College will use partnerships, including universities, to ensure that students have the greatest opportunity to progress into employment;

    12. Support equality and diversity, and minimise barriers to learning, as detailed in the single equality policy;

    13. Provide resources through the learning resource centres (LRCs) to enable students to research career paths, compile CVs, complete online applications and access relevant databases. The LRCs will supply a wide range of high quality resources and information on employment and voluntary work opportunities.  The LRC will also have an entrepreneurship corner containing information and signposting for enterprise activities.

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    20. This policy will be reviewed every 2 years

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