Adverse Weather Policy

The following FAQ has been put together to help in the event of snow of bad weather…

How will I know if the College will be open or closed?

The College will post updates on the College website, Facebook and Twitter sites. Please check for updates before starting your journey to College.

Where can I get updates about snow closures?

The College’s website, Facebook and Twitter sites will be monitored by a team of web administrators throughout the day. Official snow closure announcements will be posted and the sites will be monitored and updated during office hours (posts uploaded after 6pm will not be answered until the following morning).

Please observe the College’s Acceptable User Policy (AUP) and remember that bad language and offensive posts will NOT be tolerated on our sites. Bad language/offensive posts will be removed, we may make a note of your details and you may be blocked from using the site in the future.

Where possible the College will post announcements about exams. In the event of a snow closure exams will be cancelled and rescheduled. Tutors will make allowances for assignment deadlines at their discretion. Please check with your tutor ASAP. Remember that you can email your tutors during snow days.

How do I renew my library books if I can’t get in due to snow?

Visit: you can renew 24 hours a day online by logging in.  Use your normal STUDENT login details, the same as logging onto a college PC in the LR

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