Examination Information

    Examination Information

    During your time as a student of the college you will take examinations related to your course of study.

    Registrations for Examinations

    Once you have completed your enrolment, you will automatically be registered with the relevant examination board. Only students who have enrolled can be entered for examinations.

    Payment of Fees

    All examination fees are payable at enrolment with the exception of re-sit fees. The amount payable will depend on your personal circumstances.

    Late Entries

    You should be aware that if you enrol on your course late, you may have missed the examination board closing date and your examination entry may incur late fees that you will be liable to pay. Examination board closing dates can be obtained from your examinations officer and will be published on the notice boards.

    Refund of Exam Fees

    Students will only receive a refund for their exam fee if they have withdrawn from their college course and the withdrawal is made before the college submits the exam entry to the board. Applications for examination refunds must be made on an examination refund form which is available at the centre office.

    Statement of Entry

    When the college registers you with an examination board some boards will issue you with a statement of entry, which includes details such as your name, your candidate number, the exams you have been entered for and the dates they are held. These must be checked carefully for any spelling errors and any errors must be reported back to your examinations officer immediately.

    Your statement of entry will be posted out to you.

    Please make sure the Centre office has your correct contact details

    Access Arrangements

    If you have any special requirements, for example visual impairment or dyslexia for which you will need an access arrangement, then you must let your tutor know of this requirement as early as possible in the course. You will need to complete an access arrangements form and you may need to provide medical evidence or need to have a college assessment of your needs.

    Please be aware that some examination boards set deadlines for requests for modified papers and other special requirements.

    Special Consideration

    If there is any reason why you may be unable to perform at your best in any examination paper, please make sure you discuss this with your tutor or with your examinations officer. You may be eligible to apply for special consideration. You will have to provide relevant supporting evidence.

    Examples of this would be illness or any other stressful incidents.


    You must bring with you your college ID badge when you are taking your examination. Failing that, you must bring some form of identification.

    Please remember: NO ID – NO ENTRY

    Starting Times for GCSE and AS/A-Level Examinations

    Morning exams start at 9:30am


    Afternoon exams start at 1:30pm


    Arrive and be ready at least 20 minutes before the start of your exam


    Statement of entry slips from some awarding bodies may mention start times. These are for guidance only and the college is allowed to vary times by up to 30 minutes to fit in with other examinations that may be running at the same time. The times will be confirmed on the college examination timetable.

    It is your responsibility to make sure that you know your examination start times and locations of examinations.

    Conduct in the Examinations

    The official notices for students and warnings for students are displayed outside and around the exam room. Any student who breaks any of the published regulations will be asked to leave the examination room and the incident will be reported to the examination board. The board may cancel the student’s entry to that subject and perhaps any other entries made with that particular board.

    Students must be aware that they are under examination conditions as soon as they enter the examination room. There should be no talking from this point on, except to the invigilator.

    Students must listen carefully to the instructions given by the invigilator at the start of the exam, as different examinations have different instructions for the completion of the paper.

    If students require assistance or have a query during the exam, they must inform the invigilator as soon as possible. Students must raise their hand so it can be seen clearly; they must not call/shout out. Students must NOT LEAVE the examination room until the invigilator instructs them to do so.


    It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with examination board rules and regulations and to bring the correct stationery and equipment to the examination with you.

    Misconduct in examinations will not be tolerated. If you have any doubts consult your local examinations officer.

    Results GCSE

    Most results come to the college and not directly to the students. The college processes these results and posts them out within 24 hours of receipt. (Please make sure that you have given your correct address to the college; if you have moved since enrolling then make sure you let the staff in your centre office know these changes.)

    A level and GCSE results can be collected from the centre office on the day of issue any time from 8.30am until 4.30pm. Any results not collected will be posted out the following day.

    No results will be given out over the telephone.


    Certificates come directly to the college and not to individual students.  When a certificate is received the examinations officers will send out the certificate to the student’s contact address, as recorded in the college’s database.

    It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the college have the correct address details, if you have moved since enrolling then make sure you let the staff in your centre office know these changes.

    If you do not receive your certificate from the college within 3 months of the completion of your course (4 months for GCSE/AS/A-Levels), then the student is responsible for the cost of the replacement certificate.

    The college will not replace certificates that have been lost in the post or sent to an address that was out of date.

    Re-marks and Accessing Scripts

    It is recommended that you contact your course tutor before requesting a re-mark or access to your exam script.  This should be done as soon as possible after receipt of results but no later than two weeks from that date.  There may be a charge for this service.

    Missing Results

    If you are missing a grade on your results slip for an examination you have taken you will need to contact your examinations officer immediately.

    Re-sitting Exams

    For some examinations re-sits are available subject to completion of an examinations entry form and payment of the appropriate fee within the given deadline. You must see your course tutor and examinations officer to see if this is appropriate.

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