Careers Advice and Guidance Service

What we offer…

Our qualified and experienced Careers Advisers offer professional, confidential advice and guidance to current students and prospective applicants.

We will help you to…

  • Choose the right course
  • Research and choose a career
  • Apply to university
  • Prepare to look for jobs.

How we will do this…

  • We offer impartial client-centred advice and guidance interviews
  • Our staff are qualified to deliver impartial advice and guidance on career choices
  • We provide current, accurate information, advice and guidance on all college courses
  • Our service is supported by up-to-date resources and careers software
  • We also provide a drop in, telephone and email information, advice and guidance service
  • We can direct or refer you to external organisations and other college support services.

This will help you to…

  • Understand more about course and career choices
  • Be aware of a range of opportunities
  • Acquire the skills to plan your next step.

Who can I contact about Careers Advice and Guidance Service?

Careers Advice and Guidance TeamLearning Exchange, Vauxhall Road0151 252 3000 (ask for Careers Advice and Guidance)

Where can I access this service?

Additional Information

Confidentiality Statement

What is confidentiality?

  • Confidentiality means not telling anyone else about what you have said to us.
  • We keep your personal and private information confidential.

What will we do?

  • Explain how we ensure your privacy is protected.
  • Show you completed paperwork and ask you to agree and sign your name to it.
  • What we have recorded and written on your action plan.

What can’t we do?

  • Work outside the law or College Policies, especially Child and Adult Protection Policies.
  • Ignore any risks to yourself or others.

We will respect your privacy and we will protect your confidentiality.

Sometimes we may need to share information if we believe that you or someone else is at risk.

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