Careers Advice and Guidance Service

Exam help and advice

Exam results- useful information and resources

Whatever results you get, you may need some information or advice. Below is a list of useful websites and resources. If you want further advice ring the Careers Advice and Guidance Team on 0151 252 3607


Clearing information

Clearing vacancy search

Apprenticeship vacancy search

Alternative course options


UCAS Points calculator


Exam appeals 

To discuss an appeal speak to your progress leader, tutor or the exams team in the first instance.

Information on the process can be found here;


Useful phone numbers

Careers Advice and Guidance Team 0151 252 3607   830am – 4:30pm 

UCAS helpline 0371 468 0 468

National Careers Service Exam Helpline 0800 100 900  8am – 10pm 

Student Finance England 0300 100 0607 













What we offer…

Statement of Service

What we can offer you
Our qualified and experienced Careers Advisers offer professional, confidential advice and guidance to current students and prospective applicants

We will help you;

  • Choose the right course
  • Research and choose a career
  • Apply to university
  • Prepare to look for jobs & apprenticeships

How we will do this;

  • We offer impartial client centred advice and guidance interviews
  • Our staff are qualified to deliver impartial advice and guidance on career choices
    We provide current, accurate information, advice and guidance on all college courses
  • Our service is supported by up to date resources and careers software
  • We also provide a drop in, telephone and email information, advice and guidance service
  • We can direct or refer you to external organisations and other college support services

This will help you;

  • Understand more about course and career choices
  • Be aware of a range of opportunities
  • Acquire the skills to plan your next steps

How to contact us

Phone: 0151 252 3607 and ask for Careers Advice and Guidance

The Careers Advice and Guidance Team are based in each college centre located in the Pastoral Hubs. You can drop in to see them or make an appointment from Monday – Friday

You can also book an appointment at the Learning Exchange on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays or alternatively you can drop in on Thursday and Friday.

Opening hours: 08:30 – 16:30pm Monday – Friday

*The Careers Advice and Guidance Team are also available for appointments during half terms ( excluding public and bank holidays )

Apprenticeship Vacancies & Resources

Here are some resources to explore apprenticeship vacancies:


Please find below our Top 10 Apprenticeship Vacancies:


Planning your next steps – useful resources

Whether you are considering applying to University or want to explore other options, the Careers Advice and Guidance Team can help you. Below are some useful resources that can help you start researching your options and help you start planning your university application or alternative pathway. If you would like further help email or ring 0151 252 3607



Thinking of going to university?

Careers Advice and Guidance can help you:

  • research university choices
  • Give you advice on your personal statements
  • research entrance requirements
  • improve your interview technique
  • research career pathways

*You Progress Leader will help to support you with University choices  & applications in your tutorial lessons. However you can request additional one to one appointments if you require. Please see the opening hours for information.

Who can I contact about Careers Advice and Guidance Service?

Careers Advice & Guidance Team0151 252 3607All College Sites
Chris JacksonArts Centre0151 252 3618Careers Advice & Guidance Team
Alex Sherlock - Deputy Career Lead LEX, Duke Street & Vauxhall Road 0151 252 3683 / 3607Careers Advice & Guidance Team
Chris TappClarence Street0151 252 3866Careers Advice & Guidance Team
Frances MurphyLearning Exchange0151 252 3619Careers Advice & Guidance Team
Josephine CullenDuke Street0151 252 3615Careers Advice & Guidance Team
Kal PatelClarence Street0151 252 3616Careers Advice & Guidance Team
Linda AthertonArts Centre0151 252 3801Careers Advice & Guidance Team

Where can I access this service?

Additional Information

Confidentiality Statement

Careers Advice and Guidance Team – Pointing You in The Right Direction

Confidentiality Statement

What is confidentiality?
Confidentiality means not telling anyone else about what you have said to us.
We keep your personal and private information confidential.

The college is required to comply with all aspects of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and The Data Protection Act 2018. We take your privacy seriously and ensure all your rights are adhered to.
The careers team record information about you for the following purposes:

  • To support your learning
  • Monitor and report on your progress
  • Provide appropriate pastoral care
  • Improve and assess the quality of our services
  • Throughout the careers guidance process there is a need to collect and collate information relating to the students and applicants we support

What will we do?

  • Explain how we use and store your personal information
  • Tell you how we ensure your privacy is protected

What we can’t do

  • Work outside the law or college policies, especially safeguarding policies
  • Ignore any risks to yourself or others.

How we process and store your data

Throughout the careers guidance process there is a need to collect and collate information relating to the students and applicants we support. Where we collect and record details relating to individuals, for example during one-to-one careers guidance session, students will be informed of our recording and data storage processes. Information regarding contacts and appointments are entered into ProSolution or ProMonitor. Applicants and students will be advised of this at the start of an intervention. Concise advice notes and Career Action Plans will be recorded on the college systems and stored securely.

Careers interventions for current students are recorded on ProMonitor and can be locked for privacy at the request of the student. Where records are stored on Start Profile, students have the option to request that information is kept in the Confidential Notes Section. There will however be a visible record that a careers intervention has taken place.  Careers interventions with prospective students are stored in ProSolution.
We store your information on our IT systems which are designed explicitly to secure your privacy.

Your rights
You have specific rights in relation to our use of your data, to view these rights and find out other information relating to our use of your data please see our Student Privacy Notice which can be found on the college website.
All information is stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and Freedom of Information Act, 2000 ( ).

The limitations on confidentiality are explained below:

Due to the large numbers of students and enquirers visiting Careers, individual discussions may not be able to take place in a private area. If students/applicants specifically require a confidential space, we will re-arrange the appointment if a private space is not available at the time.

In explaining the confidentiality policy careers staff will point out that other members of the careers team may have access to individual contact notes and action plans in order to ensure consistency of service and to build on advice previously provided.

Careers staff will keep concise written information on careers guidance provided.



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