Please check your college email for important announcements and updates

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All important announcements and updates will be sent to your college email address, please ensure you are regularly checking this.

You can access your college email via the VLE from several areas:

1. On the main page of My College under Student webmail

2. On your dashboard at the left-hand menu under Student Email

To sign into your student email, log in with your college email address (this will be your username then press Next

You’ll be taken to the iamcloud login page. Here you should enter your college email address again, and in the Password box enter your college password. Then click Sign In

You’ll be asked if you want to reduce the number of times you are asked to sign in, click Yes

Your college email will now open, please ensure you check this regularly so as not to miss any important updates.


If you have any issues logging in, the Student Help Centre has lots of information on what your college email address is, or if you have forgotten your password.