Exam Access Arrangements Deadline

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Some students may be eligible for support in their exams (e.g. extra time). If you feel that you have any specific needs, you need to discuss this with your tutors ASAP as the deadline for them to apply on your behalf for exams this year is the end of November.

More information about Access Arrangements

This support, called an access arrangement, must be agreed by your exam board.  Access arrangements are adjustments made before you sit exams based on certain learning needs, disabilities or medical issues, and when English is not your first language.  Examples of access arrangements include extra time, use of a lap top / computer, or use of a bilingual dictionary.  Any arrangements must be your normal way of working in class at College, so it is essential that you discuss any needs with a tutor as early as possible in the year, including if you have had similar arrangements in the past at school or another college.

It is the responsibility of tutors to apply for access arrangements on your behalf by the deadline 30th November 2018, but they will only be able to do this if you alert them to your needs.  If an application has been made you will be contacted to attend a specialist assessment, and to support you in providing any additional evidence needed.  When access arrangements are agreed you will receive a confirmation letter, in advance of your exams.

You must take responsibility for alerting us to your needs, and also for attending your specialist assessment, or the College will not be able to finalise an application and no arrangements will be in place for your exams.