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Modern Slavery Act 2015

Some new legislation, the Modern Slavery Act 2015, has now been added to the College’s terms & conditions.

We are in the process of requesting this information from all of our suppliers as follows:

  • New and existing suppliers, cannot be used by the College until they forward a copy of a signed commitment and one of the following: if turnover exceeds £36m they need to provide a copy of their ‘Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement’ and a copy of their terms & conditions to verify they are aware of the obligations under the act OR if turnover is less than the £36m they need to provide us with a copy of their terms & conditions.
  • Merseyside Colleges Association Intend portal (which we use to advertise all tenders & quotations) is ensuring all 1400 suppliers are being asked to provide the above information to be certified as an educational supplier

Please see the attached document for more information about this very important piece of legislation…

Download (PDF, 1.11MB)

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