City of Liverpool College Poetry Competition

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City of Liverpool College Poetry Competition

Do you have dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, ASC or Irlens’ Syndrome?

Could you write a poem or flash fiction on what it is like to have a learning difference?

Your work can be on any aspect of your experience – an incident at school, a strength or achievement, a person who did/did not support you.

If so why not enter for the Dyslexia and Imagination Poetry Competition?

Dyslexia Poetry and Imagination is a voluntary group of writers and artists that aims to create a platform for people with learning differences.

Closing date: 1 May



· No more than 40 lines for the poem or 200 words for the flash fiction.

· Must be previously unpublished.

· Can be submitted as a video or sound recording. Poetry videos welcome. The work can be performed or filmed by other parties.

· The writing must be the author’s own work.

· Send your entry as an attachment to

· Do not put your name on the entry.



£10 vouchers for three best entries plus online publication, inclusion in future exhibitions and the option of a one to one mentoring session.



Helen Kay: a widely published poet whose pamphlet This Lexia & Other Languages ( was launched in 2020

Greg Kearns: a Liverpool-based poet. He’s been published in several magazines including Bath Magg. He works at The Brain Charity which supports those affected by neurological conditions