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Have you registered to vote?

Lots of young people are missing from the electoral register, which means they don’t get a say in how things are run.

YOUR VOTE MATTERS, so make sure you’re on and ready to vote at the next General Election on 8 June!!

Why Should you vote?

  •  Politics affects every part of your life – from health to education – voting is an opportunity for you to have your say.
  •  It is your choice whether to vote and who to vote for, but if you don’t register, that choice has gone.
  •  If young people are not registered to vote, it reinforces the misguided opinion that young people are not interested in politics, making it easier for politicians to ignore you.
  •  People fought and died to win the right to vote. It is a privilege many in the world still do not have.

What do you need when you register to vote?

  1.   your national insurance number
  2.   a spare 5 minutes
  3.   Website address to register on:

Don’t have your national insurance number?

Call 0300 200 3502 or visit

Deadline to register: 22 May 2017

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