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Skiing trip proves a great success with students

A group of students studying on courses in Sports, Fitness and Public Services celebrated achievement recently after a skiing trip in Alpe D’Huez, France, brought them one step closer to their future career.

The college-run expedition formed part of the students Level 3 Public Services course – outdoor education and adventure unit –  which requires achievement in international travel and independent living, team building and participation in outdoor events.

After daily sessions in ski school, the students took to the slopes to perfect a series of skills that allowed the group to learn, apply and succeed through a range of challenging activities. By the end of the week, each member of the team had achieved an international ski qualification at either level 1 or level 2.

Sports tutor, Lisa Worsley said: “As a result of this trip, students have made fantastic progress on their course, covering important elements that are normally quite hard to obtain a distinction level at.  Their development has been remarkable, particularly as most of the group had never been abroad, let alone had prior winter sports experience.”

The result of the trip will boost levels of achievement in specific elements of the qualification, which are crucial for those pursuing a career in public services or looking for a place at university.

Comments from participants about the trip:

I had a really, really amazing time. I particularly enjoyed skiing through the snow at the top of the mountain; it really developed my skills.

Wade Talent


I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, it was very exciting to learn how to ski. I enjoyed the group, the tutors and loved the whole experience. Thank you for the opportunity.

Niall O’Donoghue


I was so pleased to be awarded the top skiing award! I really developed my ski skills which can be used to gain a distinction towards my course. I made the best memories, that I’ll remember long past leaving College.

Jade Kelley







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