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Former student heads campaign on the dangers of HIV

A former student who witnessed first hand the dangers of contracting a life- threatening disease, is urging young people to remember the risks of HIV.

Tariro Munodawafa, who studied on an A-level programme at the college, has designed a resource that dispels the myths and highlights the ways in which the virus can be contracted.

The 20-year-old, who grew up in Zimbabwe, saw her nanny die after contracting the disease. As a result of her experience, she enlisted the help of award-winning organisation Fixers, that gives young people from different backgrounds the chance to use their personal knowledge to make positive change for themselves and those around them.

Tariro, who studies language sciences and psychology at the University of Reading, said: “HIV is something that’s impacted me personally. Because of this experience, I know that people can be victims and get infected. I want to warn young people about the dangers of this terrible disease. I think HIV is still a big problem in the UK; it has been forgotten about and there are still young people suffering from it today.

Tariro believes the disease has fallen below the public’s radar.  She plans to distribute the resource amongst students and urge them to take the right precautions.

Read more about Tariro’s campaign here

Tariro’s story featured on ITV Granada News:

Condom box (below), designed by Tariro – includes HIV facts/information

TARIRO CondomBox

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