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Attend 100% of your English and Maths classes in December and you can win one of three £100 Liverpool One vouchers.

Get your Christmas presents or treat yourself!

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  1. rebecca mullins

    I love my English lessons because it will help me find the right employment and will help me through life

  2. rebecca mullins

    I love maths lessons because it will help me through my life and to get a good job at the end

  3. maria hamood

    am enjoying my course

  4. adam

    I think English and maths are made fun by the tutors you have

  5. shipra bhardwaj

    I am very happy with my teachers the way they teaches me both English and math teacher they are very helpful.english is my seconde language but I am getting better day by day and feel very proud because now I can help my daughter to do her school homework at home.I can solve my maths problem very well my teacher is very good.she always give me extra sport.

  6. Emma Nolan

    I love my English lessons because my teacher makes the lessons fun and it’s taught me new skills .


    i love going to English and Maths class because i know that it will help to achieve qualifications at the end of my course. And i’m enjoying my course thanks.

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