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Meet your new SU President and VP

After a week of campaigning, candidates had an anxious wait for the outcome of the Student Union elections, which took place on Friday 24 April.

With 473 votes cast, Philip Powell was elected Student Union President and Callum Lynch Vice President in this closely fought race, with the successful candidates gaining poll position by just a few votes.

Mark Rossiter – Student Engagement Manager and Returning Officer – congratulated the winning team, who are both studying business courses at the college’s Vauxhall Road campus.

Philip (pictured right) said: “I am very excited and pleased to have been given the opportunity to become Student Union President.  I’m happy knowing that I will represent students within the College and hopefully change things for them for the better.  I promise to be the best President I can be.”

Callum Lynch, who has been a student at the College for the past two years, said: “I am really happy to be Vice President. I’ve wanted this role since I found out about it when I started at the College.  I’m looking forward to a year of excitement and challenges.”

The current Student Union President, Shireen Kincade, and Vice President for Activities, Selina Borji, sent the following message of good wishes to their student successors: “First of all, congratulations to the new President, Phillip, and Vice President, Callum and well done for all the hard work put in during the campaign. We’re sure you will not disappoint and will represent the Student Union to the best of your ability. We wish you both all the best for the coming year.

“If you are yet to get involved with the Student Union, please see the lads and get involved in all things SU as it really does enhance your college experience!

“It’s been an absolute pleasure for us to represent students of the College and to get to know everyone.  After a great year in the SU, here’s to an even better one with your new reps, Phillip and Callum.”

Your new Student Union President is: Philip Powell

Philip Powell

Your new Student Union Vice President is: Callum Lynch

Callum Lynch

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    Callum is gonna be an amazing vice president !!

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