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SÖmmer ‘Putts’ her talent on show

A talented sixteen year old art and design student at The City of Liverpool College attracted attention from the film world recently when she posted her drawing of a celebrity on a popular social media channel.

Self-taught artist, SÖmmer Putt, achieved recognition when her Instagram image of Middle Eastern actor and model Alexander Uloom sparked an unexpected response from the actor himself. Her portrait impressed him so much that he responded to her posting and became a follower on Instagram.

SÖmmer said: “I like drawing because I have been doing it since I was 2 years old when there was nothing else to do in a hospital bed. It’s relaxing and inspiring to draw and I want to be an artist when I’m older.”

Helen Quinn, SÖmmer’s tutor on the Level 1 Art & Design course, said: “SÖmmer came to College in September and she is determined to succeed. She was over the moon with Alexander’s response as she has been a fan of the actor since she was 13 years old. I believe SÖmmer will achieve great success in whatever she decides to do in the future.”

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  1. nathan Timmins-Harris


  2. Helen Quinn

    congratulations Sommer – remember us when you’re rich and famous!

  3. Jane

    Great. I hope you go on to be an a famous as he is. Jane

  4. David

    This is cool, Well done.
    Level 2 will introduce you to a different way of shading. Keep pushing that pencil.

    Best wishes.

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