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Student Union Election Results

Your new Student Union President is:  Shireen Kincade

Your new Student Union Vice President for Activities is:  Selina Borji

After a week and half of tough campaigning, the results of the 2014-15 Student Union Elections were announced at the Student Union’s Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 7 May.  The college’s student engagement manager, Mark Rossiter – in his role as Returning Officer, thanked all candidates involved for their hard work and dedication to the campaign and reported on the results.  He said: “Over 1150 students voted in the elections, which was a huge rise on last year.  The candidates who took part were committed to making it an excellent election, which really engaged our students across all centres; and that’s exactly how it turned out.  On behalf of the student engagement team, I’d like to congratulate both Shireen and Selina on the results and I look forward to working with you during the next academic year.”

Newly elected President, Shireen Kincade, who is currently working as a college business apprentice, said: “I am really pleased to be given the opportunity in the role of Student Union President and I thank everyone who voted for me. I‘m excited for the year ahead, working with and representing students and I will always be there if you want a chat.”  Repeating her tagline from the campaign, she added: “Remember: Your Voice, Your Views – My Promise.”

The new Vice President for Activities, Selina Borji, one of the college’s multi-talented art and design students, was also delighted with her success and passed on her thanks to everyone who voted. She could not be present on the day as she is currently filming for the brand new BBC3 drama Puppy Love, where she was successful in gaining a starring role.

Current President, Charles King, said: “I’d like to congratulate both candidates on their success in the Student Union elections and look forward to working with them from now until the handover in August. I’m excited to see the direction the new officers will take the SU in and am keen to help them in any way I can.“

Manifestos of the new Student Union President and Vice President:

Shireen Kincade


Hi, my name is Shireen Kincade and I am an apprentice at The City of Liverpool College.

I’ve noticed a few issues that can be quite frustrating for students and hinder their overall education, and I would like to have the opportunity to change the following:

o    Tutor absence- I will talk with Heads of School about getting a system put in place that enables students to know when their tutors will be absent from the lesson.

o    It can be frustrating and money consuming when you get to college and it’s a wasted journey – let’s get this changed!

o    Seating area- more space for students to work or kill time in between lessons especially in campuses other than the LEX

o    Canteen prices- let’s try to get these prices reduced for students!

o    Travel- finding it hard to get to college? Don’t fit into the travel scheme? Get your voice across and let’s see changes.

So why should you vote for me?

I’m passionate about education and making student life as easy as it can be, I’m motivated and dedicated. I promise to be there for students and listen to your say…

So let’s get this manifesto into action!

Your voice, your ideas – my promise


Selina Borji


Although the world has so many opportunities to offer it often feels overwhelming to find and take advantage of them. As your Vice President of Activities I would not only make sure college students had updated access to activities in and out of college but had advice and information on how to make the best of them.

If you vote for me as your Vice President I will also aim to:

o    Organise students to meet more professionals from the outside world of their interests.

o    Create a platform for students from all sites to showcase work and get feedback.

o    Be in direct contact with student’s suggestions and needs.

o    Encourage skill swapping sessions.

o    Create awareness of the diverse college services on offer.

I have attended The City of Liverpool College for five years on various courses and at different sites. I believe this experience will let me develop the college’s real potential and cater to student’s real needs.

Please vote for me, Selina Hope Borji.

Thank you.



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