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Student Induction Survey 2013

Availability of the Student Induction Survey has been extended until Thursday 21st of November.

Student voice is extremely important to us in order to improve the student experience at The City of Liverpool College.

Please click on the link below and answer just 10 short questions…

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  1. Andre Moglione

    I shall not lie, I’m rather unhappy that there isn’t any multiple options. There should be a good between for ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ as they aren’t always the right answer. Personally for a lot of the questions I had to incorrectly answer ‘N/A’ as the true, honest answer was neither yes or no. I would have much preferred for ‘True, Mostly true, Possibly, Mostly false and False.’ I hope you take this criticism well and apply it too the next survey you do.

    Your regards,
    Andre Moglione.

    • kieran howard

      The questions where not disability friendly as a severe dyslexic I took one look and just gave up, what if I had autism id have no hope

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